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Parents Of Children With Dyslexia

Parents of children with Dyslexia

Every parent wants their child to be the smartest kid in the neighborhood. Today’s competitive world further worries parents who strive to provide every bit possible to make their child the best in the class. So when a child does get diagnosed with dyslexia, it disheartens the parents. When the parents are sad, ultimately the child is discouraged and depressed.

Parents must know that dyslexia is not the end of all educational goals and ambitions. Rather, it is a learning disorder which by special methods of education can be overcome. Parents must realize this, and help their children wholeheartedly, guide them and encourage them. This can be done simply by supporting them and talking to them, letting them know that they are loved and cared for!

Parents must also ensure that they don’t demean or hurt the child in any way. Callous statements or phrases like ‘I wish you weren’t this way or ‘I must have done something wrong’ will harm the child terribly. The parent needs to know that their child with proper guidance and support, will make their own way, either in the field of academics or any alternative career. Trust is important and irreplaceable. Furthermore, the parent should regularly stay in contact with the teacher as well as join a support group for themselves. Children with dyslexia need immense love and affection, and parents who can move out of the mindset that such children are doomed to fail, and instead embrace the individuality of the child, are simply put superheroes!


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