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The Perils Of Not Being Diagnosed...

The perils of not being diagnosed…

Most often, children with dyslexia are categorized as lazy or unmotivated by parents and teachers who don’t understand the disorder. It may even be that the child is not diagnosed and spends his entire childhood scared of books and studies.

In India, the chances of this happening are sadly greater. The merciless educational system, the intense competition, the high expectations of parents and the already fragile mental state of the child, who fails to cope with the huge stress creates a negative and suffocating environment.

The child on realizing that they are falling behind their peers, and not knowing why, feels confused and sad. The poor performance also makes them more prone to bullying and teasing in school. This may make them averse to the idea of studying itself. Their confidence and self-esteem plunders as well as their mental health. This may cause complications in physical wellbeing.

Thus, it is very important for us to raise awareness and understand dyslexia and other such learning disorders. This understanding must be foremost seen in schools. There is a need for the general public, especially students to be empathetic and sensitive towards it. Furthermore, this may help more and more struggling students to get diagnosed.

Diagnosis helps the child in understanding themselves. Further special education and counselling can be used to make studying less of a tiring chore and more suited to their needs. Students can also be prompted to join alternative channels of knowledge, and creative self-expression.

However, all this is possible only through diagnosis! Through proper testing, sensitive counselling and special education classes, books that may seem like a child’s greatest enemy will stop appearing that way and may become a good friend instead!



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