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About Us

Nurturers aims to act as a mentor and a constant companion to children by imbibing in them necessary skills to cope with adversity in a healthy manner. We firmly believe that correct nurturing can play a very important role in moulding a child’s future when nature has sculpted them uniquely.

Our expert educationists and therapists impart various types of interventions and form a unique action plan catering to the needs of every child. Through this initiative, Nurturers hopes to create a discrimination free world where full equality prevails for each child.


We aspire of a world where every child is given an equal opportunity to a future filled with happiness and self-reliance. Further we strive to empower society at large to be accepting and supportive to diverse individuals.


Bold in our ambition and enthusiastic in our care, we do whatever it takes to uplift the future of children with diverse learning styles. We, at Nurturers, constantly work towards creating a stimulating and intellectually challenging environment  for children to ensure their holistic development.


Nurturers is passionately committed towards ensuring that children with special needs not only survive, but thrive. We dream of a world which is inclusive and humane to every child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start therapy services?

To avail our services, simply connect with Nurturers at 8920810636.  According to the availability of our therapists, we will schedule an appointment for you.

What can I expect from the therapy?

Our process starts with an initial evaluation. After evaluating your child completely, the prescribed therapist for your child will sit with you and talk about the necessary activities that will help in holistic development of your child.  According to your session with the therapist, you will be given an intervention plan which includes the number of sessions necessary for the enrichment of your child. After a few sessions you will be provided with a home plan for the child to reach to his/her maximum potential in an optimal time. The home plan shared must be followed.

Which age-group does Nurturers cater to?

Nurtures provides services to a variety of age groups ranging from infants to adolescents.

How often will my child have to come to therapy?

After the proper assessment of your child, our therapist will inform you about the number of sessions your child requires.

How long will my child need special education/counselling/speech and occupational therapies?

The total time span for services varies widely from child to child. You need to stay in proper touch with the assigned educator or therapist to understand how many sessions your child requires to attend.

What should I tell my child before their first visit?

We understand that your child might be nervous when coming to a completely new environment. Kindly talk to your child and ensure him/her that  Nurturers is a fun filled learning place. Help your child understand that the therapist is just like a friend who is going to help him/her learn and explore new things. It is important for us that you and your child should have faith in our institution.


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