About Us

Nurturers aims to act as a mentor and a constant companion to individuals with diverse needs by imbibing in them necessary skills to cope with adversity in a healthy manner. We firmly believe that correct nurturing can play a very important role in moulding a child’s future when nature has sculpted them uniquely.

Our community of therapists and educators share innovative resources and ideas to promote inclusion and life-long learning.

We impart various types of interventions and form a unique action plan catering the needs of every individual.

Nurturers provides you with a well equipped infrastructure for early intervention, life-skill training and therapies for independent living.

Who All We Cater To?

Specific Learning disability
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral palsy
Intellectual disability
Slow Learners
Developmental Delay
Gifted Children
Emotional Disturbance
Speech and language impairment
Multiple Disabilities
Down Syndrome


The foundation of Nurturers has been laid down with a lot of love and care by our founder Ms. Swati Suri. She has always shown great passion and unflinching commitment with a vision to improve and facilitate awareness towards individuals with diverse needs.

As an accomplished special educator, she has received not just the technical knowledge and certifications required to embrace this profession, but also the accolades and appreciation from contemporaries, parents and students alike. At a very early stage in her life, she realized that life didn’t provide everyone with equal opportunities and that people weren’t always just and fair. While pursuing her Masters in the field of Economics, she witnessed a close kin being diagnosed with autism in 2009 which prompted her to dive deep into the study of special needs. Thereon began Ms. Suri’s quest to find the best education and care for her. She visited multiple clinics and hospitals, talked to therapists and special educators but realized that there is an immense lack of awareness and an even greater lack of available clinics that cater to the diverse requirements of a child with special needs.

This propelled her towards the field of Special Education, towards becoming a special educator, a life skills trainer and a learning facilitator; working with kids, teens and adults, with diverse learning needs and devising ways to ensure their holistic development.

Ms. Suri started her journey by founding the Nurturers in 2016. She had previously worked as a special educator in renowned schools like Pathways World School and Shiv Nadar School. She also contributed work towards the Delhi Society for Welfare of Special Education. She completed her B.Ed (Special Education) in 2015, and over the years of starting Nurtures, now has a dedicated team of educationists and therapists.

Her immense empathy and compassion for parents and other guiding figures in the child’s life and her personal experience, makes her work towards providing a supportive and encouraging community for the same. She aims to develop a connection with the parents as well and focuses on collaborative treatment and therapy. Her main areas of focus are social inclusion, self-reliance and teaching children and teenagers functional and life related skills so that they can cope with the various adversities of life successfully.